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Memory Scaffolding and Pattern Recognition Drawing Workshops

ART SCIENCE COMPLEX has developed a series of unusual and highly effective cognitive improvement workshops–created to actively improve neural plasticity, short and long term memory retention, and connective reasoning abilities–in those individuals who most need these neuronal benefits. ASC’s “Memory Scaffolding Drawing and Painting Workshops for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Memory Impaired Individuals “, as well as our pendant “Pattern Recognition Drawing and Painting Workshops for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Neurologically Impaired Individuals”, are both designed to help those suffering from neurological impairment.

We have been effectively using the caffeine in tea, and especially coffee (specifically the 200 mg. of caffeine contained in the average 12 oz. cup) to quite successfully bolster and reinforce long term memory in our workshop participants. A well designed, recently published placebo study, conducted by Johns Hopkins University, found that caffeine ingested after cognitive learning–especially visual memory enhancement exercises–helped people commit the newly acquired information to memory.

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