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    September 23, 2012  /  IN Fiction  /  0 COMMENT

    The angel of the bottomless pit, who leads the army of locusts.  His name means Doom in Hebrew, Destroyer in Greek, Exterminator in Latin.    Walk through the woods with Abaddon, see flickering of his features solidifying, crystallizing, as time passes, [...]

  • Through the Jalis

    September 11, 2012  /  IN Essays, Published Articles  /  2 COMMENTS

    he perilous adventures of England’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes—unraveling the insidious Red-headed League, falling prey to Irene Adler’s virtuoso scheme, deducing Grimesby Roylott’s serpentine treachery, dueling with Moriarty’s villainous intellect through Victorian London’s labyrinthine alleys—were born in the East. Dr. [...]

  • Organic Avatar

    September 11, 2012  /  IN Essays, Published Articles  /  0 COMMENT

    wrote Zhu Angzhi, landscape painter and revered calligrapher, across the side of a sublime purple clay Teapot of Bamboo Hat Shape by Chen Hongshou (1768-1822) and Yang Pengnian (active late 18th-early 19th c.) (fig.A). alpable shade still languishes beneath its [...]

  • Klee’s Mandala

    September 11, 2012  /  IN Essays  /  0 COMMENT

    vatar of the cosmos, omniscient and fractured map of a lucid interior – the mandala – floating elements, planetary eyes and mouth, that leap forwards and backwards in time as wormholes to alternate existence, infinite dimensionality projected with tripartite brush [...]