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  • Speculative Science Folio

    May 25, 2014  /  IN Blogs, Essays  /  0 COMMENT

    Speculating on a potential solution to the insidious resurrectional nature of zombie endocrine disruptors–specifically the pervasive synthetic androgen, trenbolone acetate, a bovine growth hormone used to fatten up cattle. In this invention, an original graphite drawing by Julie Rauer, Co-Founder [...]

  • Through the Jalis

    September 11, 2012  /  IN Essays, Published Articles  /  2 COMMENTS

    he perilous adventures of England’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes—unraveling the insidious Red-headed League, falling prey to Irene Adler’s virtuoso scheme, deducing Grimesby Roylott’s serpentine treachery, dueling with Moriarty’s villainous intellect through Victorian London’s labyrinthine alleys—were born in the East. Dr. [...]

  • Organic Avatar

    September 11, 2012  /  IN Essays, Published Articles  /  0 COMMENT

    wrote Zhu Angzhi, landscape painter and revered calligrapher, across the side of a sublime purple clay Teapot of Bamboo Hat Shape by Chen Hongshou (1768-1822) and Yang Pengnian (active late 18th-early 19th c.) (fig.A). alpable shade still languishes beneath its [...]

  • Klee’s Mandala

    September 11, 2012  /  IN Essays  /  0 COMMENT

    vatar of the cosmos, omniscient and fractured map of a lucid interior – the mandala – floating elements, planetary eyes and mouth, that leap forwards and backwards in time as wormholes to alternate existence, infinite dimensionality projected with tripartite brush [...]