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    September 23, 2012  /  IN Fiction  /  0 COMMENT

    The angel of the bottomless pit, who leads the army of locusts.  His name means Doom in Hebrew, Destroyer in Greek, Exterminator in Latin.    Walk through the woods with Abaddon, see flickering of his features solidifying, crystallizing, as time passes, [...]


    July 19, 2007  /  IN Fiction  /  0 COMMENT

    Disturbed from generations of precarious sleep just below the rim, the gilded line lurched and buckled in the face of a fierce intellect hurling itself against the bars of a cage that multiplied with each new injury to successively Byzantine [...]


    November 3, 2005  /  IN Fiction  /  0 COMMENT

    Derelict spine unbent with the dry synchronous ache of clock hands, as multiple stalks sprouted then bloomed from the long dormant gut of a creature whose limbs rediscovered motion and began to unfold against the cool opalescent walls of her [...]


    July 29, 2005  /  IN Fiction  /  0 COMMENT

    Mourners could not bind their tones into the body of a dirge, chasing each note as it curled and fell to the lawn—quavers lodging in flower beds and semibreves filling with bludgeoned stems and freshly turned soil—in the shredded oak [...]