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POST FROM CATEGORY: Published Articles

  • Through the Jalis

    September 11, 2012  /  IN Essays, Published Articles  /  2 COMMENTS

    he perilous adventures of England’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes—unraveling the insidious Red-headed League, falling prey to Irene Adler’s virtuoso scheme, deducing Grimesby Roylott’s serpentine treachery, dueling with Moriarty’s villainous intellect through Victorian London’s labyrinthine alleys—were born in the East. Dr. [...]

  • Organic Avatar

    September 11, 2012  /  IN Essays, Published Articles  /  0 COMMENT

    wrote Zhu Angzhi, landscape painter and revered calligrapher, across the side of a sublime purple clay Teapot of Bamboo Hat Shape by Chen Hongshou (1768-1822) and Yang Pengnian (active late 18th-early 19th c.) (fig.A). alpable shade still languishes beneath its [...]

  • Persistance of a Genetic Scar

    September 6, 2012  /  IN Published Articles  /  0 COMMENT

    Dissecting the unrecognizable organs of mutation—conjoined thoracic sacks pooling corrosive fire, petroleum, and uranium—the scientist desperately sought to comprehend the anatomy of disfigurement. Genesis of reptilian skin forged by the breath of annihilation, melted claws leaking paralyzing toxins from vestigal [...]

  • The Last Feast of Lady Dai

    September 6, 2012  /  IN Published Articles  /  0 COMMENT

    “Winter worm, summer grass”, lyrical designation for the ancient Chinese ingredient dong chong xia cao, is the epitome of medicinal gastronomy, singular cultural invention of a civilization which pioneered the use of food as tonic, evolving a complex palliative cuisine [...]