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Our Portfolio

Here is to be found some of the most recent work for Julie Rauer and Bruce Gemmell

  • Model - Planet Builders

  • Model - Dr. MacAlister Unhinged

  • Model - Medusa's Clockwork Remains

  • Drawing

  • Dark Matter: Portrait of a Cabinet Minister

    Julie Rauer's (Co-Founder of ART SCIENCE COMPLEX) recent painting, "Dark Matter: Portrait of a Cabinet Minister"; Copyright c January 2, 2011; Watercolor on Bristol Vellum; 18 x 11 inches. --Creating a human avatar for unseen "dark matter", the invisible material comprising most of the mass of the universe, Julie's painting employs concepts in Astrophysics to manifest the unseen in the character of a venal man, whose corrupt and insidious presence cannot be seen, but exerts a ferocious "gravitational pull" on everyone in his sphere of influence. Inspired by Somerset Maugham's short story, "The Cabinet Minister" (1922), Julie reimagines the thief of hoarded culture as a subject of science.

  • Entropy

    Here is one of Julie Rauer's (Co-Founder of ART SCIENCE COMPLEX) Early Period paintings, titled, "Entropy", featured in her solo exhibition, "Chimera". Visualizing an aspect of thermodynamics, "Entropy" manifests the ferocity inherent in the transfer of heat energy within a system. Julie's painting does not conjure some form of "absolute entropy", rather, it visually manifests the change in entropy in this particular closed system--where the molecules and atoms of the dragonfly and walking stick insects have sped up; they are inextricably entangled at the most fundamental level, where the energy being generated has no place to go. A long life lived as suicide--to strike a human analogy.

  • Muromachi Autumn

  • Tending the Hermit's Garden